Constructive collaboration can create wonders

We enable schools to be safe & connected

Being a social enterprise, it's our mission to promote open collaboration

Members in our partner schools use this platform for a variety of innovative use cases - to facilitate department level discussions, managing school events, in focus groups, stakeholder updates etc to name a few.

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Improved Collaboration

Communicate instantly with your colleagues anywhere, anytime. Connect from any Android, iOS and mobile device.

Rich Features

Search across groups, pin important posts, track conversations, connect instantly with any colleagues & enjoy a variety of other stunning features.

Value Driven

We are driven by our core values - Customer Success, Innovation & Trust.

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For product demo and further details reach us on

Unique Needs, One Platform

Every school is unique & has innovative needs of this platform

Safety Ecosystem

If collaboration is the fruit, safety is our root. Our goal is to establish a seamless communication infrastructure for people and safety devices to interact in future.

Best Practices

By joining us, you get an opportunity to receive and share best practices within our global network of schools. It's a unique network to be part of.

Promising Roadmap

Collaboration is a basic building block of this platform. We are introducing a range of new features for parents, staff & authorities to effectively engage & collaborate.

Ongoing Enablement

Our continuous improvement program, brings to you innovations from partner schools, empowering you to solve common problems.

Trusted Partner

We do not sell a platform, but create relationships to share our vision. We're happy to impart our learnings & to accomodate yours.

Online Support

Our team is always available online to support you. We are also near you in 3 major cities around the globe.

50 Users

Intra-school Collaboration

Platform Support (Limited)

Data Backup (Monthly)

Data Retention (3 Months)

For selected schools


$0 per month
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75 Users

Intra-school Collaboration

Platform Support (Basic)

Data Backup (15 Days)

Data Retention (6 Months)

3 Months Free Trial


$2 per month
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150 Users

Inter-school Collaboration

Platform Support (Full)

Data Backup (Daily)

Data Retention (1 Year)

3 Months Free Trial


$9 per month
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Price stated above is per school per month. Yes, you heard it right !!!

There is no eligibility criteria for schools. However schools with sizable amount of staff and parents benefit more from this platform.
Not at all. School portals & SMS systems are basic communication tools. They are not meant for seamless collaboration between users. Oylien@School will open up a new set of use cases for your staff and parents to solve effectively.
Our global customer base is growing every day. At present we have onboarded several partner schools from India & we are in dicussion with schools in U.K, U.A.E & U.S.A.
OYLIEN LTD. is a private limited company with its registered office in England and Wales.